Get actual skills with team effort

Learn new things with your mentor or team


Get the most innovative learning experience

Online learning requires 40-60% less time to learn

Join projects

Practice is the key to success. Projects let you hone your skills and get practical experience solo or on a team, with the guidance of your mentor

Get awarded

Perform well and get awarded for your progess


Start small, grow big

Explore different mentors on a variety of dynamic skills and get started with only 9€

What's in it for mentors?

The online learning industry is projected to pass $370 billion by 2026

Organize your thoughts in steps

Create and link multiple recourses together to create the best learning experience for your mentees


Create projects

Help your community learn faster by creating interactive projects

Get paid

Grow your community, grow your revenue. Gather revenue from subscriptions and project purchases



Applied per mentor


Troosh let's you start small and grow big. Start learning with a base subscription, once you are sure, you can go even further beyond


  • Regular personalised content
  • Free access to one project
  • Direct email support


You get a free project (for each mentor) with the start of your monthly subscription. After this projects are purchased individually at prices set by the mentors.

How do I access all the content on Troosh?

A monthly subscription at 9€/month is required to get access to a mentors content. After subscribing to the mentor you can join a project for free, then individual project purchases are required. Before committing to a mentor a small number of free content is available.

What if my mentor is bad?

In case a mentor does not provide value despite your payment, we investigate his / her profile and refund your purchase if necessary.

How do I become a mentor?

You can become a mentor through the app. After creating an account choose “mentor” as your account type, then follow the steps given. Once you submit your application there will be a very brief review process until you get accepted.

How do mentors get paid?

We use Stripe to get you paid quickly and keep your personal and payment information secure. Thousands of companies around the world trust Stripe to process payments for their users.

Does Troosh get a commission from the mentors?

Troosh gets a 20% commission from monthly subscriptions and from individual project purchases.

When is Troosh coming?

Troosh is here, available on both ios and android!

Seems fun right?

Fill this interest form and we will get in contact with you ASAP!

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